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Experience makes the difference

Most typical “field training” programs are based on proven techniques involving the method for approaching communities with innovations and attitudes to learn from them instead of teaching them.

Grassroots Institute organizes Intensive Field Training (IFT) Programs imparted through participatory techniques and approaches. What is the science behind the secret? The commonalities among facilitators are isolated and combined with the years of field experience to provide a participant-friendly system. With years of practice and hundred of man-hours of experimentation, the Intensive Field Training Programs have been proved as effective inputs to raise capacities and capabilities of the field personnel.

The Institute also builds the practical knowledge, perspectives, skills and ideas of youths through providing them with opportunities of Leadership Development on a range of technical subjects, disciplines, themes. Such programs are best for those students and youths who wish to gain practical and experimental knowledge in the field. Certain Leadership Courses are also conducted occasionally for international learners and professionals.
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