Honorary Senior Fellow

E-mail : harjjumend@gmail.com

Dr. Hasrat Arjjumend attained BSc Honors from Aligarh Muslim University, MSc in Environmental Sciences from G. B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, MRM (MPhil in Resource Management) from Indian Institute of Forest Management (Govt. of India) with Chairman’s Gold Medal, Exe MBA and MA in Public Administration. He has also written PhD on International Governance of Biodiversity (ABS Regime) at Academy of International Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia Central University, New Delhi, and undertook PG Diploma in Environmental Law (PGDEL) from National Law School of India University, Bangalore. He has few Certificates from World Bank Institute and Human Rights Education Associates (USA), Grolink (Sweden), Green Net and Mahidol University (Thailand), CISED (Bangalore), including Certificate in Public Policy from CCS/FNS. Having 20 years of experience he performed in the past the roles of (i) Program Execution and Management, (ii) Organizational Development and Leadership, (iii) Research and Documentation, (iv) Training and Capacity Building, (v) Teaching and Mentoring, (vi) Advocacy and Campaigning, (vii) Monitoring and Evaluation, and (viii) Consultancy and Advisory Work. He founded People’s Resource Centre, a consultancy and publication group, in 1999. Then he co-founded Grassroots India Trust (GIT) and executed over 30 projects. While serving as Executive Director of GIT, he remained a key person in developing the Grassroots Institute. Meanwhile, he had been Commonwealth Professional Fellow 2007 in Wolverhampton/London, and Social Impact Fellow 2008-10 at Mumbai. On behalf of Grassroots India Trust he also received UNESCO-Wenhui Award for Educational Innovation 2010 (Honorable Commendation) for outstanding field action. As a professional and researcher, he has mentored 30 Interns from 16 developed countries, and has worked in 12 different provinces of India and visited 10 countries of Asia/Europe. Specifically from year 1998 he sustained the interests in policy studies/advocacy on issues of food security, agriculture, forest management, environment, biodiversity conservation and natural resources management. Public policy and global governance of rural development, food security and forest & biodiversity conservation have been his core interests of discourse, research and action. Technically, he deals with various thrust areas in broad (inter)disciplines of Environment, Natural Resources, Governance, Development, and Indigenous Rights. He has over 90 publications of varied types, and over 50 popular articles on development and environmental issues published in newspapers & magazines. 

Current Association    
Dean, PK Rajasthan Campus, Foundation for Ecological Security, Anand (Gujarat). He can be contacted at: harjjumend@gmail.com, www.facebook.com/harjjumend
Areas of Research Interest    
Governance of Natural Resources; Forest Stewardship and Parks-People Interface; International Environmental Governance; Biodiversity Law and Governance; Protected Area Management Policy; Agrobiodiversity Conservation; Food Security and Sovereignty; Ecologically Sustainable Agriculture; Pastoralism and Climate Change; Climate Change and Mountain Rural Livelihoods; Protection of Indigenous Knowledge and Bio-Cultural Resources; Forest Rights of Indigenous People and Local Communities; Tribal Land Rights; Indigenous Law and Customary Rights; Rights of Indigenous People.
Expert Areas of Action   : Participatory Rural Development; Local Self-Governance; Natural Resource Management; Forest & Biodiversity Conservation; Sustainable Agriculture; Livelihoods Development; Project Management; Human Rights to Food; Rights of Indigenous People; Governance and Accountability; Child Education & Development; Advocacy & Development Communication; Dalit Empowerment; Women Empowerment