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Main Functional Domain of TGI

A) Capacity Building & Training

B) Innovative Education

C) Publishing

Other Activities

To know our other activities such as Action, Research, Networking, Partnerships and Communication, please read our websites www.grassrootsinstitute.net and www.grassrootsglobal.net.


The Grassroots Institute specializes in developing the skills and potential of individuals and attempts to deliver multicultural education and training. Capacity building activities include facilitation of effective human resource, democratic participation and community involvement in field programs, improved quality and equity in community initiatives, and integration of advocacy perspectives. It offers uniquely relevant, international-quality and professional education opportunities for the potential leaders, managers and field personnel of development projects of government agencies, support agencies, academic institutions, NGOs other civil society organizations.


 The Grassroots Institute has conducted series of field studies in the past on varied topics and issues. Methodology of delivering research functions includes conceptualizing, executing, disseminating and presenting the research studies that are mostly applied in nature. The Grassroots Institute does involve chiefly the exploratory empirical research and advocacy-oriented studies. To improve the knowledge base and share the findings and experiences the GI takes part in discourses by organizing workshops, conferences, events, etc. or through presenting the research findings in national and international conferences, seminars, symposia, etc. Most importantly, the outcome of the studies is linked with capacity building and educational functions of The Grassroots Institute as also used in updating and formulating the policy dialogues and opinion building.


The Grassroots Institute has executed couple of valuable projects in Great Himalayan National Park (India) and advocacy-based action research and policy advocacy projects addressing access and benefit sharing (ABS) and pastoralism and rangeland issues. The Grassroots Institute has certain focus on issues under identified initiatives. In the time to come, initiatives will be geared to plan, develop, and execute interventions in a sequential manner to evolve critical learning and advocacy-linked follow up actions. We intend to bring about macro changes through alternative policy frameworks at the global, national or local scale. However, the prevailing policy frameworks can sustainably be influenced from first-hand empirical learning emanating from direct field projects. Therefore, the Grassroots Institute thinks the projects in a continuum of field action, advocacy interventions and policy change process.


Publications are important tools of communicating and disseminating of learning, knowledge, ideas, issues, news, and voices of the people. The Grassroots Institute publishes Grassroots Journals and open access TGI Books.


Evolved since its inception, The Grassroots Institute has developed certain thematic competence areas. Our works – trainings, capacity building, research, field action, advocacy, publications and discourses – are performed within such thematic competence areas.

Focus Group: Natural Resources and Environment

  • Agrobiodiversity Conservation
  • Food Security and Sovereignty
  • Ecologically Sustainable Agriculture
  • Rangelands and Pastoralism
  • Forest Stewardship and Parks-People Interface
  • Biodiversity Law and Governance
  • Environmental Governance
  • Climate Change and Sustainability
  • Water Resources Governance
  • Integrated Nutrients Management
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Community Natural Resource Management
  • Organic Farming Methods
  • Post Harvest Management of Organic Produce
  • Community Watershed Development & Rainwater Harvesting
  • ABS and Nagoya Protocol

Focus Group: Indigenous and Bio-Cultural Rights

  • Indigenous Knowledge and Bio-Cultural Resources
  • Forest Rights of Indigenous Communities
  • Indigenous Law and Customary Rights
  • Land Rights and Livelihoods
  • Economic and Social Rights
  • Advocacy on NTFP Issues
  • Advocacy on People’s Rights and Entitlements
  • People’s Access to Livelihood Resources
  • Perspective Building on People-Centred Issues
  • Documentation, Management & Protection of ITK

Focus Group: Grassroots Development and Advocacy

  • Local Self-Governance
  • Participatory Rural Development
  • Local Livelihoods Development
  • Local Governance and Accountability
  • Communication Methods for Awareness & Education
  • Assessment & Development of Organizational Capacities
  • Lobbying and Policy Advocacy
  • Logical Framework Analysis
  • Case Study and Media Writing Skills
  • Participatory Action Research
  • Participatory Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation
  • People-Centred Advocacy
  • Process Writing and Documentation
  • Project Cycle Management
  • Project Planning and Writing
  • Social Audit