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Grassroots Institute helps ensure that managers develop the specific skills for shaping the organizations. Its trainers and professionals bring with them a core set of proven strategies and approaches based on research and rich personal experience for developing leaders. GI is a community of practitioners whose purpose is to build a better world by providing education and training to individuals in intercultural understanding and global development. All programs are built on the participants' prior development work experience and their ability to contribute directly to strengthening the capacity of their own organizations. GI provides managers of NGOs with the intensive education and intercultural training that is essential for enhancing their own performance and their organizations’ effectiveness.

In addition to sponsoring the participants for open IFT Programs, the various organizations especially supporting agencies seek Customized Trainings to their staff personnel or partners. Grassroots Institute offers tailor-made trainings, study visits and TOTs. The Tailor-made Trainings and TOTs are developed in close consultation with client organizations, ensuring that participants can apply the things they learn in the situation back home.

Tailor-made Trainings and TOTs

On demand of Government Organizations, Donor Agencies, Support Agencies, INGOs, Aid Agencies, NGOs, CSR Groups and other organizations including Government-run Development Projects, the Grassroots Institute prepares, designs, reshapes and revises a number of ‘training packages’ for their partners, managers, field personnel and executives. Budgeting of such training packages is done on the basis of their needs and demands. The Grassroots Institute conducts such trainings at the places convenient or strategic to the client organizations. In case, the logistic arrangements are all made by the client organizations, the Grassroots Institute simply delivers the trainings on the place of their choice.

The following are some illustrative training packages:
  • Advocacy and Communication
  • Advocacy on NTFP Issues
  • Advocacy on People’s Rights and Entitlements
  • Advocacy Writing Skills
  • Agribusiness Development
  • Agriculture Extension
  • Agrobiodiversity Conservation
  • Assessment and Development of Organizational Capacities
  • Behaviour Change Communication
  • Case Study Writing
  • Community Mobilization & Development
  • Community Watershed Development & Rainwater Harvesting
  • Development Communication
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Food and Nutrition Security
  • Gender Mainstreaming in Planning and Development Action
  • Gender Sensitization Workshop
  • Homestead Gardens
  • Innovative Girl Child Education
  • Institutional Analysis of Government’s Development Schemes & Programs
  • Integrated Nutrients Management
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Leadership Skills
  • Lobbying and Policy Advocacy
  • Local Self-Governance (Panchayati Raj System)
  • Local Self-Governance (PESA in 5th Scheduled Areas)
  • Local Self-Governance (Urban Local Bodies)
  • Logical Framework Analysis
  • Media Writing Skills
  • Natural Resouce Management
  • NTFP-Based Micro Enterprises (Market Interventions & Semi-Processing)
  • Organic Farming Systems
  • Participatory Action Research
  • Participatory Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Participatory Poverty Analysis
  • People’s Access to Livelihood Resources under PESA
  • People-Centred Advocacy
  • Personal Development
  • Perspective Building on People-Centred Issues
  • Post Harvest Management of Agro-Produce
  • Process Writing and Documentation
  • Project Cycle Management
  • Project Planning and Writing
  • Result Based Management
  • Right to Information
  • Social Audit
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Urban Governance

Other than above illustrative training packages, the Grassroots Institute can design fresh packages if it comes in purview of Areas of Expertise of the Grassroots Institute.