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The Grassroots Institute offers specialist consultancy services for donor agencies, government agencies, international and national NGOs, NGO support organisations, and specialized development projects.

Grassroots Institute helps organisations through development and change processes, which can involve strategy development and programme design. Grassroots Institute assists various organizations in following tasks on consultancy bases.

Nature of Consultancy Services:

  • partnership capacity building
  • course design, curriculum development
  • development and application of participatory methodologies
  • delivery of training on specific modules
  • module development, training need assisment, training cycle preparation
  • research and field based studies
  • staff capacity building
  • perspective planning
  • reviews, evaluations and impact assessment
  • design and assessment of M&E systems
  • issues-based advocacy support
  • organisational and programme learning
  • strategic planning and change management
  • scoping, mapping and design of programmes
  • enhancing programmatic approaches
Consultancy assignments are conducted by experienced members of Grassroots Institute and a core group of consultants. All of our consultants have extensive experience of working in development in South Asia and other parts of the world. Our team has an impressive depth of regional knowledge and language skills.

The above consultancy services are being extended in the Areas of Expertise available at Grassroots Institute.