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Why to partner with Grassroots Institute?

The Grassroots Institute is evolving and emerging as an institution of excellence imparting the training to working professionals and students. Field based studies and action research are part of second stream of core works. The Grassroots Institute is open for partnership with range of institutions and organizations for mutual benefit and for excellence of the capacity building. Following categories of the organizations and institutions are invited for partnership:
  • International Universities
  • International Colleges
  • International Organizations
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Responsible Green Corporates

Partnership for Summer Field Schools

A large number of universities and colleges all over the world have the Field Placement as integral component of their course curricula of Degree and Diploma programs. The field placement of their students in developing countries not only fulfil the requirements of the courses but also prepare the students for future professional or research careers. The field placements also help build the excellence of the universities, colleges or departments. Thus in order to meet the academic goals, it is imperative that the College/University also strives to develop strong external relationships with field based programs and practitioners in developing countries.

Grassroots Institute invites international universities and colleges to develop partnership with us for conducting Summer Field Schools at Grassroots Institute. We also invite collaborations and partnerships for International Academy on Natural Resource Management & Governance. The international universities and colleges are thus invited to write in this regard to: .

Partnership for Research

Grassroots Institute has been developing as a center of excellence for research, studies and assessments. A team of dedicated researchers and highly experienced expert associates performs the studies at or for the Grassroots Institute. GI usually partners or seeks partnership/collaboration with donor agencies, academic or research institutes, NGOs, universities and organizations for studies and research. We invite the interested organizations and groups from wide range of disciplines for partnering with us. Please contact us at: .

Sponsorship of Participants

Grassroots Institute organizes Summer Field Schools, Intensive Field Trainings (IFT) and other programs imparted through participatory techniques and approaches. With years of practice and hundred of man-hours of experimentation, the Summer Schools and Intensive Field Training Programs have been proved as effective inputs to raise capacities and capabilities of the students, researchers and field personnel. The donor agencies, academic or research institutes, NGOs, universities and corporations are requested to sponsor regularly the students, researchers, early-career academics, field personnel to our Summer Schools, IFTs and International Academy. Further information may be obtained by writing to: .

Supporting the Grassroots Institute

People and organizations are always requested to support the activities and evolution of the Grassroots Institute. This support can be in extended in various ways. Further information may be obtained by writing to: .