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This section is not valid now. Please refer to recent announcements of the Summer Field Schools and visit the relevant website or webpages where pertinent information is available.

For Summer Field School, the amount of the fees and expenses to be paid directly to the Grassroots Institute is shown in table below.
Fee & Expense Foreign Participant Indian Participant
Tuition & Facilitation Fees US$ 2000 Rs. 50,000
Accommodation Charges US$ 300 Rs. 10,000
Transport Cost for Field Visits US$ 200 Rs. 5,000
TOTAL US$ 2500 Rs. 65,000

How to Pay

The above total amount of fees and expenses will have to be paid by the student after receiving the ‘Provisional Offer of Admission’. This amount is to be transferred into online bank account of Grassroots Institute, the details of which will be given in the Provisional Offer of Admission. The admission to the Summer Field School will be confirmed only on receipt of the above total amount of fees/charges within the deadline given in Provisional Offer of Admission.
Other expenses (approximate) to be borne directly by the student
Other Expenses Foreign Indian
Visa Expense Find the actual cost NA
International Travel Find the actual cost NA
Bus Travel from Delhi to Banjar US$ 100 Rs. 3,000
Local Bus Transport Cost US$ 100 Rs. 3,000
Food and maintenance US$ 500 Rs. 7,000
Incidental Expenses US$ 200 Rs. 7,000
TOTAL US$ 900+ Rs. 20,000
In exceptional cases, we make consider a partial fee waiver for deserving applicants/participants.