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The Grassroots Institute has been developing as a center of excellence for research, studies and assessments. A team of dedicated researchers and highly experienced expert associates performs the studies at or for The Grassroots Institute. The TGI usually partners or seeks partnership/collaboration with donor agencies, academic or research institutes, NGOs, universities and organizations for studies and research.

Research Framework

The Grassroots Institute has conducted series of field studies in the past on varied topics and issues. There are several studies currently being undertaken by TGI, which are illustrated on Ongoing Research section. Sizeable proportion of studies is accomplished by engaging the interns and students in field studies, which are highlighted in section Completed Research. The Grassroots Institute has the expertise to pursue the research and studies under the framework and thematic layout as presented in Focus Areas.
Methodology of delivering research functions includes conceptualizing, executing, disseminating and presenting the research studies that are mostly applied in nature. The Grassroots Institute does involve chiefly in exploratory empirical research and advocacy-oriented studies. To improve the knowledge base and share the findings and experiences the TGI takes part in workshops, conferences, events, etc. or through presenting the research findings in national and international conferences, seminars, symposia, etc. Most importantly, the outcome of the studies is linked with capacity building and educational functions of Grassroots Institute as also used in updating and formulating the policy dialogues and opinion building.